Process of Family Constellations Session:

Of course, if you would like to experience a family constellation session, you would first like to know what is the typical process. So, let us understand what a regular session of Family Constellations is.

There are two ways in which a Family Constellations session can be done – in a group setting where representatives play the role of the Family System members, and they get connected to the Knowing Field of the system. Also, the second way is to do a personal session involving only the facilitator and the client who wants to address the issue.

In a group setting, the representatives play the role of the members as mentioned above. They feel the physical sensations, emotions or urges which do not belong to themselves, but to the family system of the client, they are representing. They receive this information from the “Knowing Field” or the “Family Soul.”

The facilitator then asks questions, observes the movement happening the field. The facilitator suggests the healing statements and release of the emotions, thereby restoring the flow of love and harmony in the system. If the client is physically present, then the representative is replaced by the client, and he/she is asked to feel the resolution and participate in the healing movement within the field and the system.

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