Family Constellations Training Modules

Zenergy School of Life is happy to announce the formal BASIC training module for becoming a Family Constellations Facilitator. These modules can be done in any order, though it is recommended to first complete Module 1. We would like you to design your own pace of learning and decide on your time of reaching the goal. Below is a detailed description of all the modules.

Module 1: Resolving Resistance as “I” and Personal Issues

Girl proud of herself With I Ego

The first module is dedicated to resolving personal issues as well as the resistance and the blocks in life. One needs to be clear in their own space for deciding on their direction and purpose of life. The objective of this module is to empower the participant in their personal lives by resolving their own entanglements. This will help lighten your own burden, help you become empowered as a human being first and then as a facilitator in the course of the time.

As a trainer and facilitator, I feel that if we resolve our own issues in the beginning, it becomes easier for us to move forward with an open heart to help others on their journey.


The course content is as follows:

– Understanding basic natural laws of life such as belongingness, priority of bonds and so on.

– Looking at your own family system

– Looking at your own resistances to live a fulfilling life

– Understanding the influence of your own Family System in your life

– Group exercises to let go off resistance

– Group exercise to re-connect with the Family System and the SOUL

– Bringing back the Balance of Giving and Receiving with Parents and ancestors

– Looking at the Heavy fate in the system

–  Coming out of the entanglements you’re carrying personally and professionally

–  How to say “YES” to life

–  Becoming “ONE” with everything we have in life.

Personal Constellations will be done to understand the laws as well as to see how do we connect to the Knowing Field.

Requirements: Open mind and heart to learn

Number of days: 3

Price: 25,000/-


Module 2: Journey with the Parents

Blind Love Towards ParentsParents are our life givers. But, out of blind love and loyalty towards them, we take a lot more than just life. This module brings to light what patterns we take and how to resolve them.

The course content is as follows:

–  Understanding the position of parents and self in the system

–  Learning the laws like Respect & Honour, the loyalty of children and Giving & Receiving with the Parents

–   Mother is our connection and origin of life and what role does she play in our personal as well as professional life.

–   Looking at your own Mother and exercises to find entanglements as well as releasing them.

–   Father is too our life giver and seeing at the role he plays for our survival in the physical world.

–   Looking at your own Father and exercises to find entanglements as well as releasing them.

–   Guided Meditations with both the Parents individually.

–   How to grow and nurture yourself with their energies

–   The interrupted movement towards the mother and the father – healing this movement of LIFE

–    Addictions and the missing Father

–    Healing the Birth Trauma like Caesarean or any other trauma at birth

–    Looking at the Giving and Receiving with the Parents

–    Exercises in Groups and Pairs

–    Exchanging Feedback and working on it

Requirement: Open heart to learn, but completion of Module 1 recommended

Number of Days: 4

Price: 35,000/-


The details of other modules shall follow soon.