Laws of Family System

The Natural Laws of the Family System

The Universe has its laws which govern the existence on Earth. These are natural laws for survival. We aren’t able to survive when we are out of alignment of these laws. Hence, it is essential to understand what these laws are. How do they form the basis of our DNA, what kind of actions cause interruptions in the flow of love within the DNA system? Of course, the very foundational basis for these laws is the LOVE which is pure and unconditional. Let us understand these laws:

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Belongingness to your DNA is the key to succeed

At some point in life, we want to feel the feeling of belongingness. Even if it is an orphan, he/she too wants to feel this feeling. The different stages of our growth, i.e., right from the time we are born, we want to think that we belong to our parents, our caretakers. Then, as we grow up, our social circle grows too. And now we want to feel this feeling from society, from the people around us, from our extended family members. This is when we understand and assume that the sense of belongingness is of great importance.

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Cultural and national displacements have gigantic impact on the people who have gone through the process. The emotions involved are very deep and have a lasting impact on the descending generations. Often, these emotions arent processed totally and while the process of displacement is taking place, there numerous incidents that a person goes through without getting enough time to deal with it. Let us understand this with the help of an example.

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