Deepak Goenka


The session on “Abundance Reiki” on 16thJanuary, 2016 was mesmerizing. The simple and vivid explanation on Law Of Abundance and Law Of Giving & Receiving – has helped me a lot to understand how I can improve the circulation of abundance in my life and in the life of others. I could now understand why my affirmations were incomplete & unanswered. The various activities during the session enabled us to feel the Abundance Energies within us. I am grateful to you for enlightening me on the positive feeling. With the meditation techniques learned in the therapy I will now be able to release the negative & limiting beliefs and energy blocks in me and bring complete balance in my life & realize my manifestations. Every time I am meeting someone – I am silently wishing them Happiness, Joy, Laughter, abundance & Love. I can see the smile on other persons face & experience the vibrations of circulating Joy and Happiness. I am grateful to you for teaching us to draw Abundance Energies and Self Healing exercise.