Products/ Courses/ Meditations once purchased will not be refunded unless and until mentioned under individual product/ course/ meditation.

Zenergy School of Life Pvt. Ltd and Anchal Anurag Jyoti do not hold any responsibility for products/ courses/ meditations you’ve purchased and then have had change of mind about it.

Digital Products and Digital Downloads:

Digital products may not have refunds on purchases of such products. Sometimes a download link may not work and the company will send you an alternate link for the download. But no refunds will be processed.

Products purchased from THIRD PARTY LINKS:

For products purchased from third party links on our website, Zenergy School of Life Pvt. Ltd. and Anchal Anurag Jyoti will not be responsible in any way whatsoever for their deliveries, faulty products or any other issues. For any refunds from these links, a direct grievance needs to be raised to the THIRD PARTY.