Re-engineering Inner Consciousness – Breaking Barriers – Sneak Peak

  • Do you feel limited in your life even after applying your skill set?
  • Do you feel your growth is limited in specific areas of life?
  • Do you feel you’re deserving and worthy of more in life, but don’t know what is stopping you?

Well, then here is your chance is to experience and understand what your DNA is carrying that is making you limited.

Re-engineering Inner Consciousness – Breaking Barriers is a workshop especially designed to understand the four levels where we are fighting unconsciously to move ahead in life. For example, we tend to think repeated thoughts every day, but fail to control them or eradicate them. Our DNA is programmed for certain beliefs and thoughts where we don’t have any conscious control. This workshop will help to release these limitations which are repetitive in nature from across generations as well as your past lives.

The invitation in this Sneak Peak of the workshop is for –

  • Understanding what the Family System and the DNA is.
  • Learn how do we become a part of this System and how we carry these limitations
  • Group exercises to release collective limitations
  • Meditations to get in touch with your Family System and DNA, thereby helping you to develop a healthy relationship with your own self

Energy Exchange: None, just an open heart to explore yourself

Registration Fees: 100 INR

Venue: Mumbai

Date: 17th November 2018

Time: 9 AM to 2PM

Registrations start at 9AM.