Introduction to Family System

What is the Knowing Field?


What is Family Constellations?

family constellations therapy

Have you ever thought why there are certain patterns repeating in your life just as they did in your family, your DNA lineage. For instance –

  • women facing unhappy married life
  • children in every generation born with some physical disability
  • the men in the family not being able to come out of the financial debts.

Well, we all belong to a family system which consists of our parents, grandparents, ancestors. In short, all the living and dead of the mother’s side as well as father’s side of the family are our DNA lineage. To resolve these issues stated above or any other recurring patterns, we need to bring about changes in our family system and let the flow of energy come back into action.

Bert Hellinger – a German psychotherapist and philosopher has been working with Family Constellations which helps one to see the unseen entanglements lying in their family system. Our DNA has been designed in a way where it stores all the emotions whether joyful or painful in our cellular memories. These cellular memories are coded in our DNA and hence are passed on to our descendants. Family Constellations can help you release these painful cellular memories, bring about peace and re-direct the flow of love in your family system.

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